About us

Keshavarzi Darui Hosseini Co. is a family complex with a significant history in the field of production and distribution of agricultural inputs throughout Iran. This complex was founded in 1335 by Mr. Seyed Javad Hosseini Yazdi and started producing sulfur flowers in the country.
Over the past years, the Keshavarzi Darui Hosseini Company has been associated with world-renowned agricultural-related companies, including Bayer Germany, Taki Japan, Niagara USA, Arista LifeScience France, BIOSF Germany, and others. Our company is still proud to cooperate with other international companies. It is worth mentioning that this company also has extensive activities in the field of distribution of various inputs and tools in the field of agriculture.
One of the international companies that have cooperated with us for the last twenty years is Omex UK. This company has gained high popularity among Iranian farmers with its approach to promoting plant health and with a very high variety of products and has been able to be one of the first companies to develop the use of this type of fertilizer in Iran by distributing fertilizers for foliar application.
Another brand with which Keshavarzi Darui Hosseini Co. has recently started its cooperation is Planto Spain. The company is engaged in the production of a wide range of agricultural inputs.

Vision :

The main goal of our group is to provide agricultural inputs by global values and standards. From the perspective of Keshavarzi Darui Hosseini Co. Iran deserves to use inputs that lead the society towards more health and access to organic products. The unstoppable spirit of the Hosseini Pharmaceutical Agriculture Group requires that this company does not give up its efforts until it achieves this goal and continues its powerful movement with your support, dear friends.

Duties :

  • The main task of the Hosseini Pharmaceutical Agriculture Group is researching and resolving agricultural crises and also improving the quality of products.
  • We are committed to providing quality goods and powerful services to our regular companions.
  • One of the ways to improve the quality of products is to cooperate with research centers; To this end, the Hosseini Pharmaceutical Agriculture Company is committed to maintaining a strong bridge with research centers.
  • Providing agricultural day knowledge by an experienced and up-to-date technical team of this complex and continuous communication with farmers and experts is one of the main tasks of this complex.
  • The environment is a heritage that will be remembered by future generations. Keshavarzi Darui Hosseini Co. considers it is an obvious duty to respect this heritage and offer all its products and services with the standard of environmental health.